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Diffuser Oil: suou
Diffuser Oil: suou
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Diffuser Oil: suou

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Diffuser Oil: suou

蘇枋: “Wood”: Cultivates love for others by allowing one to appreciate plants and flowers.

[ key notes ]

hakka(Japanese mint) / kuromoji / muguet / oakmoss

suou is inspired by the “Wood” element.

Enjoy how the interwoven floral fragrance shifts from muguet to moss, then to the complex yet sweet amber, ending with sandalwood. The soft fragrance will gently guide you to euphoria.

Diffuser Oil is a fragrance oil designed to be used on the Pottery Stone Diffuser. The fragrance emerges when a few drops of the oil fall on the stone. As the fragrance goes through a subtle transformation from the top note to the last, it sets the mood to reveal what the “tough iron” is intended to do.

[ Component ] Blended fragrance oil

[ Bottle material ] Glass

[ Box size ] 33 x 92 x 33 (mm)

[ Volume ] 20ml


  • Use a few drops of the oil on the Pottery Stone Diffuser.
  • To maintain the maximum effect of the fragrance, we recommend using one fragrance of oil on one stone and not multiple types of oil on one stone.
  • The content gives you 100 moments of enjoyment based on using six drops each time.
  • Please do not use the oil for any other purposes. Keep out of reach of children and pets when using and storing. This product is not edible.