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  • Diffuser Tray: Glass Mirror

    DIFFUSER TRAY: GLASS MIRROR is a beautiful complement to the elemense Pottery Stone Diffuser collection. When you place a Pottery Stone Diffuser on...

    The elemense POTTERY STONE DIFFUSER - GRAY are beautiful, gray ceramic diffusers that look like real, natural stones. Just like when you bring a st...
  • Start the New Year with Kiyobi

    In the ancient times, people in Japan burned incense at the beginning of each year to purify space in their rooms in hopes of having a fresh start ...
  • Have you ever collected stones on the beach?

    Take a moment to observe the mundane things in your life, the things you may not normally pay attention to. You may discover that no two shapes are exactly alike. You may find yourself moved by the beauty that is not manmade but created only by the time that had passed.