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elemense Introduces Pottery Stone Diffuser - Press Release


elemense Introduces Pottery Stone Diffuser 

A next-level home fragrance— experience the delicate fragrance of a sublime objet d’art crafted by the blending of science and the natural form of stone.

LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 11, 2022 — elemense, a global home fragrance brand that centers on tranquility and peacefulness, is proud to introduce the Pottery Stone Diffuser. At its core, this home fragrance product line is a work of art meticulously engineered by the Shigaraki potters of Japan to emulate natural stone in appearance and texture. The ceramic material is fashioned to be porous to absorb the elemense Diffuser Oil. Owing to the oil being absorbed, the stone provides a long-lasting fragrance that gradually releases to create a relaxing ambience, subtly changing from the top note to the last note.

The Pottery Stone Diffuser comes in six variations. Colors are available in gray and gray/white with a choice of three shapes: round, angular and elongated. Each stone features an organic form as no two stones are identical. The product is presented in a numbered box since only a limited number of stones are produced.

The Diffuser Oil comes in four fragrances inspired by elements found in nature: suou (wood), kiyobi (fire), nukubai (earth) and tetsukon (water).

Simply apply a few drops of the oil onto the stone diffuser, then place on the Diffuser Tray, available separately in Porcelain —the distinct grooves instilling the tranquility of a Zen Garden, or Glass Mirror —where the reflection of the stone evokes looking into a pond.

Set the diffuser alongside a décor of pebbles and stones collected from the beach or riverbed, providing your home a soothing setting of natural colors and refreshing fragrance. Multiple stones can be lined up or stacked for a unique arrangement and a quaint display.

The elemense collection has notably received the “Best Collection Award” in the Accent on Design category at NY NOW ®, the Market for Home, Lifestyle + Gift.

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About elemense: A global home fragrance brand that was introduced at NY NOW in 2017, debuted in Japan in 2021 and at the Maison de Objet in Paris in 2022. With the foundation of Nippon Kodo’s 440 year history of artistry with fragrance, elemense offers new ways to enjoy fragrances that suit modern lifestyles. The brand strives for creating fragrances that connect between people and their space with a new form of relaxation.